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Our team of family law attorneys are based in Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg, but serve also serve all Central Pennsylvania counties including York, Lancaster and Cumberland.

No matter what legal issues you are facing, Statt Law is focused on your unique needs every step of the way. Our Harrisburg family lawyers strive to provide an experience that puts your convenience and well-being at the forefront. With additional services in criminal defense, estate planning, and personal injury on top of our family law services, Statt Law is prepared to help you navigate these overwhelming legal issues and reach a positive conclusion.

You can feel confident that you will always be able to get answers to questions about your case without running up costs. We value your time and do our best to respond to any communications as soon as possible.

Facing Divorce in Pennsylvania?

We Are Focused on Your Family's Best Interests

Try as we might, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. When a marriage is not working out, divorce is a necessary way to allow both partners to move on and seek happiness elsewhere. Whether someone’s actions prompted the divorce or you have simply grown apart, you deserve the opportunity to start the next chapter of your life – and our divorce attorneys can help you get there. Our firm even offers representation for unique situations like Christian and military divorces throughout Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg.
Offering compassionate and unyielding representation for contested and uncontested divorces as well as other family matters, Statt Law helps families navigate these legal issues and find peace with a favorable resolution. Our divorce lawyers in Pennsylvania have extensive experience with the many aspects of a divorce, including child support, property division, and child custody negotiations.

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  • He helped me with a tax matter and increased my return well beyond my initial expectations.

    “He helped me with a tax matter and increased my return well beyond my initial expectations.”

    - Former Client
  • Great guy to have on your side.

    “Great guy to have on your side.”

    - Jordan

Working Towards a Brighter Future

In your family’s time of need, seek the legal counsel of a divorce attorney who wants to protect your best interests and help you turn over a new leaf. Count on Statt Law to meet your every need so that you can achieve your goals. Contact us today to speak with experienced divorce lawyers in Pennsylvania. We have convenient locations in both Mechanicsburg , Harrisburg and Hershey, PA.

Helping You & Your Family Move Forward

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Harrisburg Family Law Attorneys Guiding You Through Divorce

Here at Statt Law, we understand divorce is a difficult life situation. It involves a lot of moving parts and emotional decisions. That’s you can rest assured that our team will be here to help. Whether it’s a simple, uncontested divorce that needs simple negotiations or a contested divorce with child custody decisions, we will help provide answers and guide you through to start a new and happier life.

What separates us from any other divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania is our ability to adapt to any situation or circumstances our client is facing. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the past decade helping them navigate a legal separation from their spouse. Through it all, we have gathered an unprecedented record of success and you can see that from our reviews online.

One area we have had a tremendous impact is on the rights and responsibilities of each party in the divorce in custody cases. Whether it’s helping a mother with child support circumstances or helping with a fathers rights to joint legal custody, our team can provide the legal services you need to be fully represented in the state of Pennsylvania.

Maybe you are looking for a divorce attorney that can help with a business being involved. Dividing a business in a divorce can be a tricky situation and involves a deep understanding and due diligence of the circumstances surrounding the business. Our team can help guide you through the differences between marital property vs non-marital property and whether Pennsylvania courts would equitably distribute the business among both parties.

Factors to Remember when Considering a Divorce in PA

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about what clients should and should not do when considering or proceeding with a divorce. Here’s some of the most important ones to remember. And feel free to contact a top rated PA divorce attorney with more questions and a consultation.

Avoid Making Hasty Decisions In A Divorce

Emotions often run high in a divorce case from one of both parties involved. Feelings range from anger to sadness to contempt, and can sometimes lead to hasty decisions to try reducing these emotions and pains. At Statt Law, we highly recommend clients slow down during divorce proceedings to ensure they are making quality decisions that benefit the rest of their lives.

Many times, a divorce completely alters the direction of your life. The biggest component in making great long-term decisions is information. Taking time to gather all necessary information is crucial to make the best decision for you and your family. Be present, slow down, and think carefully. The decisions you make now will impact your future, so let us help show you all available options in your divorce so you can choose what’s ideal for you.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers Protecting You

Our health is a precious gift we often take for granted. When it’s taken from us, or from a loved one, we remember just how beautiful it is. That’s why when an accident happens that causes an injury, you need one of the best personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania to represent you. It’s about making sure that you are properly compensated for all aspects of your life that have been impacted by this injury.

Our team at Statt Law is dedicated to providing you with the best legal representation in PA.

No two cases are the same and must be approached with individual attention and care. Whether it’s an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or a wrongful death from medical malpractice, our firm is here to help. We help investigate the situation, file a lawsuit, compile relevant evidence and witness and represent you in the courtroom.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the law recognizes several different types of injury claims. Each has their own elements and required proof for a personal injury lawsuit claim. That’s where an injury attorney like Statt Law comes in handy. Our team will work through your unique case and build the proper cases and documentation needed.

With so much to consider and handle during an injury, it can seem overwhelming. But when you’ve got a family-oriented attorney in your corner, you can breathe easier. We’ve got your back and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Elite Criminal Defense Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

It can feel completely overwhelming when you get arrested in Pennsylvania. It’s a difficult situation and we understand. If it’s your first time facing the justice system, you might be looking for a qualified defense attorney in PA to represent you. At Statt Law, we are the firm committed to helping you dismiss or reduce the penalties associated with your arrest.

Our firm has been handling criminal defense cases in Pennsylvania for years. We’ve helped clients with simple matters like traffic tickets and misdemeanor charges all the way up to felony charges. So no matter what situation you’re dealing with, our team can provide the legal assistance you need with negotiations or courtroom representation.

When you’re searching online for a criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania, make sure you consider these factors. Does the attorney have years of experience representing clients in court? Our firm does. Does the defense attorney have a track record of great communication with clients throughout the process? Our firm does. Does the criminal defense lawyer seem accessible during difficult times? Our firm absolutely is.

Since criminal charges in Pennsylvania can lead to jail time and steep fines, why would you not want a great defense lawyer in your corner? That’s why your first call should be to our team so we can immediately start working on your case. Unlike public defenders, our firm caseload allows us to extensively evaluate each aspect of your case to provide the best defense possible. We look for any and all inconsistencies that can be used to your advantage. We are veteran legal experts committed to transparency and accessibility so contact us today.