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Pennsylvania Fathers' Custody Rights After Divorce

When it comes to child custody following a divorce, fathers and mothers are supposed to be treated equally under the law. Children no longer get placed solely in their mother's care unless there is a valid reason for doing so. In Pennsylvania, fathers' custody rights do exist.

What custody options are available for Pennsylvania fathers? When going through the divorce process, if children are involved, part of the divorce settlement will include a custody order. Either parent may seek sole or joint custody. Parents do have the ability to work out an agreement on their own, but if they cannot, the matter will be settled by a judge.

There are several factors that a judge will consider when deciding what type of custody to award. These factors include parent-child relationships, living arrangements and the child's wishes -- among others. Joint custody is the preferred arrangement, as there is evidence that it is best for the affected children -- particularly if both parents want to take an active role and are capable of doing so. However, sometimes, sole custody awarded to one parent with some type of visitation schedule awarded to the other is necessary.

Every family has different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to child custody. In Pennsylvania, fathers' custody rights allow dads to seek out the custody arrangements that they feel will best serve their children. Their voices are not lost simply because of their gender. With the assistance of legal counsel, fathers can take the steps necessary to fight for themselves and their kids.

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