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Fathers' Custody Rights and Child Support

The words fathers and fair treatment in regard to family law matters don't ever seem to fit in the same sentence. Many men in Pennsylvania certainly do not feel that they have the same rights to their children when going through a divorce or separation. The truth of the matter is they do, and those awarded certain fathers' custody rights also have the ability to seek child support if it is appropriate for their circumstances.

If you have gone through or are going through the process of separating from your significant other and children are involved, there are certain steps you have to take if you want to achieve custody of your kids. If this is not an issue you and your ex can figure out on your own, it is a matter of requesting the court to make the custody determination. If you achieve sole or some level of joint custody, you may also be able to seek child support. This is a financial obligation that is not gender biased. It all comes down to who has the children more often and the economic situations of both parties.

If it turns out that, in your fight for child custody you end up with a custody order than grants you primary custody, you do not have to stop at that win. Your ex still has a financial responsibility to your children. Primary custody does not mean you have to take on all the financial burdens of providing for your kids just because you are their dad -- even though the world may tell you otherwise.

Fathers' custody rights and child support really do go hand in hand. Whether you need to seek child support or you end up having to pay it, it is possible to achieve a support order that is fair and provides for your children's needs. To learn more about Pennsylvania laws regarding fathers' rights and child support, please take a moment and visit our firm's website.