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Divorce Mistakes That Could Cost You

Mistakes Couples Make When Divorcing

Divorces can be emotional and financially devastating— especially if they are not receiving legal advice from their attorney. Below is how you can avoid making mistakes when filing for divorce to save you time and money.

Should You Consult an Attorney First?

While having a support system is pivotal in a divorce or custody action, your friends and family are not always the best source of legal advice. Though your loved ones are only trying to help you, they may not have the accurate information needed to go through your divorce case.

We have consulted with people who have attempted to file their divorce without a lawyer or try mediation. In an effort to avoid less legal fees and the prospect of a “messy” divorce, many have found that they have made a costly mistake. We at Statt Law can ensure the following arrangements are awarded properly:

  • Child support/alimony
  • Retirement benefits (pensions, 401ks, IRAs)
  • Non-marital property
  • Unsecure/Credit card debt
  • Parenting time with children
  • Home equity

Choosing our family law attorneys can help ensure your case is handled both with care and the best results for you. When you choose the right lawyer, you will have someone on your side who listens to your concerns, knows the road ahead of you, and will help defend your rights both inside and outside the courtroom.

Failing to Keep a Careful Record

In highly contested cases, keeping proper documentation of assets, parenting interactions, and disputes can help win your case. A journal or detailed list and accounting of events can prove to be invaluable during your court case, but providing information to your attorney she or he can use to your advantage. Any single piece of information can mean success or failure for your case.

If you are not sure what to document, ask your lawyer for advice. They can help you make sure you are recording information that can help you. If you want a new attorney, or are currently working with a lawyer, then we will be happy to provide the critical guidance you need from day one.

Why the Hourly Model is Not in Your Best Interest

Just about every other family law firm across central Pennsylvania charges their clients by the hour and for every fax, call, or photocopy. When it comes to family law, many lawyers believe all cases are the same.

At Statt Law, our team charges for results, unlike other attorneys. We are dedicated to understanding your case and supporting your family through a difficult time. Our fixed fee structure is revolutionary and disincentivizes dragging out cases to increase your legal fees. We are genuine and passionate communicators, who care about our clients and have a kid’s first philosophy with every custody case,

Central PA Attorneys Who Understand Legal & Personal Matters of Family Law

Even if a divorce seems simple and neither party wants to fight, navigating the legal process is never easy. At Statt Law, we understand how difficult it is for people facing the end of their marriage or struggle with a dysfunctional custody arrangement. Our divorce attorneys provide compassionate representation for those seeking a new life n Dauphin, Cumberland, York, and Lancaster counties as well as the entire central Pennsylvania community.

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