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Can I Date During My Divorce?

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With divorce being as difficult as it is, many people look for ways to find comfort during the process. Some look into new relationships as a means of moving forward from the ugliness. The question, however, should not be “Can I date again?” Rather, you should ask “Should I date during my divorce?” Here is what to keep in mind.

Married Until It Is Over

Something to keep in mind is that you are legally married until your divorce is finalized. While your mindset may be that your marriage is over, it is still intact in the eyes of the court until the final hearing. By dating someone else during your divorce, you are opening up the possibility of being considered unfaithful during your marriage, potentially impacting your settlement agreement.

If the court views your new dating relationship as infidelity, issues such as spousal support or property division could be impacted, even if you and your spouse have been separated for some time. This legal reason is just one consideration you should take before deciding to embark on a new dating relationship before your divorce is finalized.

Adding Emotions to An Already Tense Situation

Divorce is already a time filled with heightened emotions and the potential for heated conflict. Adding a new relationship to the mix can have a big impact on your ex-spouse and how they are feeling throughout the process. If your spouse finds out you are dating someone else or sees you with that person, it is likely to cause them to feel angry, sad, and possibly betrayed.

Imagine seeing your soon-to-be ex-spouse out with someone else while your divorce is still ongoing. How would you feel? You can imagine a similar reaction if your spouse sees you dating. Those emotions could cause you or your spouse to want to seek revenge in some way, whether in court or out of court.

In addition, trying to mix the emotions of a new dating relationship with the emotions of a failed relationship can add confusion to your life. It is difficult to manage both of these emotions at the same time.

It Could Impact Your Income

While dating someone could potentially impact the amount of support you receive, deciding to move in with that person can have an even bigger impact. If you decide to live with the person you are dating while the divorce is ongoing, then the court could determine that not as much support is necessary, potentially awarding a lesser amount than what you could receive.

Consider Holding Off on the Relationship

It may be best served to hold off on officially dating someone until your divorce is finalized. While you may care about that person, you should consider your ongoing divorce before making a decision. If you have questions about what you should or should not do during your divorce, it is important to get answers from a skilled divorce attorney.

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