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Avoiding Social Media After a Car Accident

The Cost of Sharing a Post

In today’s world, one of the first reactions someone might have after a car accident is to share a post on social media detailing the damage to their vehicle along with how they are feeling. Such an overshare of this information can actually do more harm than good when you go to file a claim for the damages. Read on to learn why you should avoid social media in the days following a car accident.

Posting Updates and Associated Risks

We have become so accustomed to sharing life updates both big and small to our social media platforms, and sometimes we will even share some of the negative events happening, car accidents included. It can be common to see people share pictures of the damage to their vehicle or type a post updating their friends and family on their physical condition.

Though your intent in sharing these updates may be pure, doing so can actually pose a great risk to your case if you are seeking a claim with your insurance company. Insurance companies and their attorneys will often look for these types of posts in order to use the information you share against you. They may gain access to your social media account and look for posts in order to adjust the amount of money they pay you for the damages or even outright deny your claim.

It is highly recommended that you never share details of your car accident on a public forum; however, if you forget this and share anyway or have already shared information, you should not delete the post you have already made. Deleting a post can give the appearance of tampering with evidence, and such an accusation can further complicate your case and add greater stress to your life. Your car accident injury attorney can provide you with a greater understanding of how to proceed in these situations.

Seek the Help of an Attorney for Car Accident Injuries

Getting injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence can feel like your life is being put on hold. Not only do you have to worry about working through the recovery process, but the costs associated with your medical bills and lost time at work can leave you worrying about the future. Know that we can help. At Statt Law, we will fight for your right to the compensation you deserve.

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