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The decision to end your marriage doesn’t happen overnight. Months, sometimes years, pass in the hopes of getting the union back on track. That’s not always possible.

At Statt Law, our attorneys take the time to understand what’s important to you and what you want in your next chapter. We approach each aspect of the divorce through the lens of what prioritizes your best interests.

Divorce: A Simple Word with Complex Processes

A marital relationship has many elements. Likewise, so does divorce. Complicating the process are the intense feelings that surface. Anger, resentment, disappointment, and regret are common emotions in many divorces. We take these feelings into account.

No relationship is identical to another. Our legal representation is personalized to your circumstances and goals.

While every relationship is unique, Mount Joy divorces generally fall into one of several categories:

  • Uncontested Divorce. Some couples agree to divorce terms and seek a no-fault divorce. This is sometimes possible for marriages of short duration with few marital assets and no children. Our first has a unique fee system that can help couples file the proper documentation necessary for the courts to issue the divorce decree.
  • Contested Divorce. A contested divorce means exactly that. The spouses cannot come to an agreement on one or more of the divorce terms. This type of divorce doesn’t necessarily end in a formal trial, but we don’t back down from a court fight.
  • Divorce for Christians. Divorce is emotionally exhausting for many people. The process can be especially challenging for Christians who are wrestling with how divorce may impact their spiritual path. We believe there are times that it might be God’s plan to move on. Our Christian faith attorney offers both the legal and spiritual support you need.
  • Military Divorce. A military marriage has unique strains because one partner can be gone for months at a time in international deployment or domestic service. The other spouse must handle all the home responsibilities on their own. When one or both spouses are members of the military, there are state and federal laws that govern military divorce. Our team has a thorough understanding of the USFSPA and will work to protect your rights every step of the way.

Take steps to understand your rights before you file for divorce in Mount Joy. Schedule a consultation with one of our family lawyers. We can answer your questions and identify potential next steps.

Terms in Mount Joy Divorces

Before a divorce can be finalized, specific questions must be answered. A bifurcated divorce (declaring the spouses legally single while economic and other matters are being decided) is difficult to obtain.

Other matters relevant in a divorce include the following:

  • Distribution of Assets/Debt. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state. Income, property, and other assets acquired during the marriage are generally considered marital property and subject to being divided between the spouses. Assets acquired by an individual prior to the marriage generally stay the property of that individual. Debt is looked at similarly.
  • Child Custody. Like many states, Pennsylvania considers the best interests of the child when making child custody decisions. Both parents should maintain a relationship with their children in most cases. One parent usually has primary physical custody while the other has visitation.
  • Child Support. Child support is calculated based on state-mandated guidelines. The number of children and the income of both parents figure prominently into the equation. There is, however, flexibility to account for any special needs.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony. Spousal support helps a lower-income spouse afford living expenses and legal counsel during separation. After the divorce is final, a spouse may also be eligible for alimony for a fixed period of time or the rest of their life, depending on a variety of criteria.

Skilled Family Law Counsel in Mount Joy, PA

With the help of a family law attorney, your divorce is more than the end of a marriage. It’s also the hope for a brighter, fulfilling future. Our combination of compassion, strategy, and experience can help you achieve your post-divorce goals.

Learn more about our family law services in a free consultation. Schedule by calling (717) 537-0928.

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