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Getting into a car accident with another vehicle is an agonizing and scary experience. However, the impact of this stress and fright are exponentially worse when you get into a multi-vehicle accident. These types of pile-up accidents can result in serious damage to your vehicle and, most importantly, severe physical injuries to you.

Several questions arise whenever a multi-vehicle accident occurs, such as “whose fault was it?”, and “how are you going to pay for the injuries, medical bills, and other financial damages to you and your family?”

To answer these concerns, you need the professional guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you claim compensation for the car accident.

We at Statt Law have been helping residents of Pennsylvania file successful multi-vehicle lawsuits against the party at fault.

A multi-vehicle accident lawsuit is comprised of complex, intricate details; it can be difficult to determine who you should hold accountable for your losses, injuries, and damages. To get this right, you should learn about the laws pertaining to pile-up accidents. This will help you establish who you must hold accountable and determine the correct amount of compensation you deserve.

Classification of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

There is no set number of vehicles for a crash to be considered a multi-vehicle accident. Any car or vehicle crash involving more than two vehicles is a multi-vehicle accident.

Due to the multiple cars and automobiles involved, finding the motorist at fault and assigning liability becomes a complicated affair. We at Statt Law can help you in such tricky situations.

What May Cause Multi-Vehicle Accidents

How do multi-vehicle accidents happen?

Sometimes, after a collision between two cars, other drivers do not have enough time to stop or have any other place to go. Some drivers may not even see the collision at all due to smoke and other obstructions. In such cases, the other drivers may crash into the existing accident, leading to a larger “pile-up”.

Other times, a multi-vehicle pile-up can be a result of a chain reaction. In these instances, one car pushes the car in front into oncoming traffic. This results in the first vehicle rear-ending the car immediately ahead of it, causing that second car to push into the next vehicle in line, and so on.

Various factors may cause the accidents, but, at the end of the day, a driver’s negligence is still to blame. Some of the circumstances that may lead to a pile-up include:

  • Poor visibility;
  • Unfavorable road conditions such as rain, snow, or ice;
  • Traffic congestion;
  • Driving too fast, i.e., in bad road conditions or above speed limits;
  • Tailgating cars (intentionally or unintentionally); and
  • Drunk driving.

Rubbernecking is one of the most common reasons for multi-vehicle accidents, as the drivers looking at the crash are not paying attention to their own driving.

Pennsylvania Law of Modified Comparative Negligence

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses a “modified comparative negligence” law allowing the liability of a pile-up to be divided between multiple drivers.

Unfortunately, in such cases, any driver may receive blame for an action they did not intentionally commit, even if they only collided with another vehicle due to a chain reaction of cars crashing into each other.

For this very reason, you will need our experienced attorneys at Statt Law. We will not only help protect you from getting the blame for something you did not do but will also work determine the party or parties at fault and recover damages.

Determining the Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Determination of liability is a complex affair when it comes to multi-vehicle accidents. There are usually three types of parties at fault.

Vehicle in Front

The vehicle in front is at fault when the vehicles are going in the same direction, and the front automobile suddenly hits the brakes. In such cases, the vehicles behind this car may not have enough time to stop, resulting in a chain reaction of cars rear-ending each other into collisions.

Typically, the driver of the car behind the front vehicle must maintain enough distance to allow their vehicle to stop if the front vehicle brakes. However, if the front vehicle brakes for no apparent reason, that vehicle’s driver may be partially responsible for the negligent behavior that caused the multi-vehicle incident.

Middle Vehicle

A car could slam into the front vehicle even if the latter smoothly applied the brakes as they should. This may result in a rear-end collision if the second car’s driver exceeded the speed limits, had not maintained enough distance between the vehicles, or was not paying attention.

The Last Vehicle

The last car in a line of vehicles may also cause a multi-car accident. This can occur when the last vehicle rear-ends the vehicle in the front of it, triggering a chain-reaction of each subsequent car colliding into the next ahead.

As you can see, no party is safe from liability unless they can prove that they were not partially or wholly at fault for the collision. For this purpose, you must seek help from qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys.

Get Compensation for Multi-Vehicle Accident in Pennsylvania

If you have been in a multi-vehicle accident, you need the services of knowledgeable attorneys at Statt Law. We will investigate your case and determine who caused the pile-up and is the party at fault.

According to Pennsylvania law, you may be eligible for compensation as long as your fault percentage is 50% or below. The amount of compensation will reduce based upon the percentage of liability assigned to you.

Our skilled attorneys understand the complicated facets of multi-vehicle lawsuits and will make sure that you do not get the blamed for someone else’s wrongdoing in a chain-reaction collision.

Contact Statt Law’s office today for a consultation or have a quick chat with us online.

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