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Are you looking into getting a divorce in York, PA? Is there a potentially heated child custody dispute involved, as well? Perhaps you need to establish paternity, to protect yourself an abusive partner, determine child support, or something else that is difficult to discuss with an adversarial, estranged spouse? These and other family matters are some of the most sensitive issues that can be litigated, and you need a compassionate legal advocate to have the best shot of a positive outcome in your case to protect your rights and best interests from beginning to end.

When you work with Statt Law, you put your trust in capable hands. Our legal team has handled many types of family law issues and can thoroughly examine the particulars of your case to offer personalized solutions. We will leave no stone unturned in determining your available legal options and avenues to advocate for the most favorable result on your behalf.

Why a Divorce Is Anything But Simple

Just like a marriage is complex and has many elements, so does any divorce. To further complicate matters and the entire process are the intense feelings that typically boil to the surface between estranged spouses. The resentment, disappointment, and regret are usually just the beginning of what many couples on the outs feel towards each other. At Statt Law, our team is sensitive to your feelings and we realize no two divorces are the same, so we make it a point to personalize our services to your unique circumstances and goals.

Divorces in York, PA typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Uncontested divorce: This type of divorce is resolved more quickly and with less acrimony due to the fact that both spouses agree all terms and pursue a no-fault-based divorce. These divorces stay out of court, too, meaning they are less costly and time-consuming for both spouses.
  • Contested divorce: Many spouses, no matter how much they try to work with divorce mediators, cannot agree on the terms of a divorce. There’s so much on the line and so much emotion, as well, that it makes sense that would be the case. A contested divorce involves litigation where a judge will determine the terms of the divorce in court. It may or may not be a fault-based divorce, in which one spouse much prove the other acted inappropriately.
  • Christian divorce: The divorce process poses religious concerns for many Christian couples. Our law firm has Christian divorce lawyers sensitive to your needs and we are eager to help provide the legal guidance you need to break through to the other side where a brighter future awaits you.
  • Military divorce: This is a unique divorce situation subject both to state and federal laws, and it takes a knowledgeable attorney to ensure you and your spouse get your due desert. We are here to help with the complexities of military divorce for service members in all branches.
  • High-asset divorce: Any divorce is tricky, but one in which two spouses share high net worth makes it even more complex. Disputes are typically much more contentious when there’s so much money at stake, including businesses, retirement benefits, spousal support, and so on. If there is no prenuptial agreement, a variety of factors will be taken into account to divide assets. Our team will conduct a thorough review to identify all assets and determine their value.

The Terms of a Divorce

Before the ink on your divorce decree can dry, you must come to agreements with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and answer specific questions. That’s because a bifurcated divorce, or one in which each spouse is legally single and economic matters are still being decided, is quite complicated to obtain.

Common divorce terms couples must compromise on or litigate in court include the following:

Skilled York, PA Family Law Attorneys Who Can Help You Through Your Divorce Inside & Outside of the Courtroom

With the guidance of a knowledgeable family law attorney, your divorce will be more than just an ending to your marriage, but bring hope for a brighter, more fulfilling future. Our team has a combination of tenacity and compassion while strategizing your family law matters and we seek to help you achieve your goals during and after your divorce is finalized.

To learn more about our family law services and to request a consultation, please get in touch with Statt Law today by calling (717) 537-0928.

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